Kondo KHR 3HV Ver.3 Humanoid Robot

Kondo Kagaku has introduced a humanoid robot for technology enthusiasts and robot lovers. The build quality and stability of the KHR 3V is attracting a large number of robot hobbyists.

Many people have gone on to commend its simple, yet sturdy design that is provided by a solid shell. Along with reliability, the robot also performs maneuvers and tricks that are hard to find in other robots. The reason why it is able to perform such unique moves is because it has maximized freedom and range of motion.

This increased range of motion is due to the fact that the manufacturers installed the robot with the capability of 22 degrees of freedom. The robot comes with 17 servos combined with 5 dummy servos. Users also have the option to replace the dummy servos with an actual one. Once you do that, the robot achieves 22-DOF. Nonetheless, the robot is capable of performing the best maneuvers with only 17 servos.

Kondo KHR 3HV

Micro Controller Board

The robot comes installed with a micro-controller board, RCB-4. Thanks to this controller board, users can enhance their robot experience by enabling control of a total of 35 serial servos. It is worth noting that this controller shares compatibility with ICS 3.0 (serial) protocol and other numerous options parts.

Moreover, its board also includes a range of different extension ports such as (10x A/D and 10x PIO). These ports help users enable users to utilize a host of different extension options and sensors. By using serial protocol, the KHR3 humanoid robot is able to connect to the daisy chain.

Connecting to the daisy chain allows manufacturers to reduce the extensive use of cables during the production of the robot. Reduced cables inside the robot rid users from the tensions of tangling, and also the need for applying difficult harnesses.

Servo Specifications

The servo specs and details include a maximum operating angle of about 270 degrees. It also comes with a holding torque that ranges as high as 11.1 V. When not holding any load, the robot will travel as fast as 0.14 seconds per 60 degrees.

The overall size of the robot is about 41x21x30.55 mm. Weighing at about 41.5 grams, the robot has an operating voltage of about 9 to 12 volts. The new servo of KHR 3V is a tad bit smaller than the servo of the previous model, KHR-2HV. It also offers a much higher torque and a larger span of operating angles.

Since the robot is equipped with metallic gears, the servo’s solidity and reliability is at an unquestionably high level. ICS 3.0 servos function at 1.25Mbps as a standard for quicker communication. However, users have the choice to adjust the robot for low velocity.


The design of the frame allows the robot to have human characteristics and movement. When creating its strong frame, the manufacturers used a mix of components that involve polycarbonate and aluminum. These materials contribute greatly to the robot’s strength.

Other materials used in its production are ABS incorporated with glass material. The mixture of components allows the robot to have robust qualities while maintaining a light frame. The frame also gives light to stronger servo arms which makes the machine an incredible bet for competitions.


The cover that goes on top of the primary frame consists of a light ABS plastic. Since this frame and light are easily extractable, it allows users to easily customize the robot by installing different bodies. This adds to the customizability of the robot. Therefore, the modifications are limitless.

Dummy Servos

The robot is equipped with a total of five dummy servos. Each of the dummy servos are fitted strategically to provide the robot with arms, chest and torso extension. The assembly of these servos gives the humanoid robot a lean and tall physique. By replacing the dummy servos with the actual ones, you can experience more features. This helps you add new dimensions and degrees of angles to the robot’s movement.

The head style allows users to easily assemble and modify. It fits naturally between the two shoulders without looking too superficial. The shape of the face symbolically looks fierce, and makes the robot look ready for battle.


In terms of battery, the robot comes with a 10.8V and 800mAh battery. Not only that, but the battery also comes with a fast charger. This allows for a full charge in only about an hour’s time. (Depending on the buyers geographics, the battery and charger may not be able to be shipped due to export restrictions.)


The robot comes integrated with software called Heart to Heart version 4. This software helps incorporate new motions and programming to the robot. It also includes project management features for increased collaboration.

Optional Accessories

KHR 3HV is compatible with all of the other Kondo accessories from the earlier editions. The optional remote control is shaped similar to a videogame controller. The robot also has an option for a USB stick and a replaceable battery in the back.


The Kondo KHR 3HV Ver. 3 is the most popular robot for competition. It is an ideal option if you are looking for a robot that is highly customizable, has strong fast servos and human-like movement.

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