3D Printable Fighting Robot

Have you ever wanted to build a fighting robot? A robot that can throw punches, defend itself, and even get up after being knocked down? In this post we will go over everything you will need to build this 3D printable fighting robot. Download the STL files and start building your own.

3D printable robot

This 3D printable robot was developed by the MattMattMatt squad and is available to download for free, although we do recommend sending a payment to support their work


Parts List

Here’s a list of all the components used in the video, as well as links to order them from Amazon and other reputable online retailers:

  • LewanSoul servo kit on Amazon. This kit consists of five servos, servo controller, debugging board and misc. parts. You need to purchase three kits as 15 servos are required for this project. – Buy
  • Arduino board (Recommend Arduino UNO). You need an Arduino board to debug the servos. – Buy
  • M3 screw set (not the same as the one in the video, but equivalent) – Buy
  • Battery – EcoPower 2S LiPo 20C Battery (7.4V/530mAh) w/JST Connector (ECP-4010) – Buy
  • Hiwonder Wireless PS2 controller – Buy

– Or –

Purchase servos, servo controller and debugging board individually. Parts are branded as Hiwonder or LewanSoul

  • Hiwonder LX-16A servos – Buy
  • Hiwonder Serial bus servo controller – Buy
  • Hiwonder TTL / USB Debugging board – Buy

Price breakdown.

Below is a price list of the above components during the time of this post. I’m sure you can find better deals if you shop around. The list does not include the cost of the 3D printer filament, or the cost to persuade your friend to print it for you.

Part descriptionPricing at time of post
LewanSoul XL-16A Servo kit on Amazon (x3)$89.99 ea. (x3)
Hiwonder wireless PS2 controller$18.99
ECO Power 7.4v battery$9.59
Arduino Uno$23.00
M3 screw set on Amazon$10.59
3D printable STL files$0.00

STL files and decal template download page