Darwin Mini

Darwin Mini – This is an awesome humanoid robot. It is currently our favorite due to the affordability, ease of use for gradual learning, reliability and it has been able to hold our attention. We have spent countless hours playing with this robot and there is still a desire to see what else it can do.

The Darwin Mini comes preloaded with software and approximately forty preprogrammed moves. New moves can easily be programmed into the robot using the Robotis R+motion software and more advanced programming can be done utilizing Robotis’ OpenCM software. The R+motion software is identical to industrial robot point to point programming via joint mode. The programming works by moving each axis to the desired degrees and recording those positions. This biped robot has 16 servos and a dummy servo used for the head. A 17th servo for the head to rotate can be easily added. Each Dynamixel XL servo has an embedded processor that allows for full control of the servos including reading data such as temperature, position, and torque. The Darwin Mini is great for beginners, advanced programmers and everyone in between. The board is open source and the shell is 3d printable. Its free to download here. All of which equals infinite customization. We highly recommend the Darwin Mini for every and any skill level.

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