What’s All the Buzz?

An intergalactic scouting team helmed by Robosen of Transformers fame travelled beyond infinity and battled the forces of Zurg to rescue Buzz – Buzz Lightyear that is. Or so it would seem. There really is nothing quite like seeing Buzz “in the flesh” as it were. Sure, he contains 23 servos, but unlike bare-bones battle bots, or autonomous robots, Buzz is a sleek, smooth authentic character that seems to have leapt from the silver screen into your own personal galactic world.

Something Extra

Buzz isn’t so much a robot as he is an entertainment package. He comes with over 200 catch phrases and signature moves that define this Astro Ranger. Although he can stand upright in his signature wide stance, fists-on-hips pose, he is not a walking robot. For the majority of his moves, he has an elevated stand with a mounting arm that has a combination USB/Power connection. This allows him freedom of movement of his arms, legs and head with no fear of losing his balance.

Ba a Part of the Action

Buzz was designed to be an immersive experience. His distinctive voice and commanding presence are part of the experience. But to really feel part of the action, Buzz’s equipment makes appropriate action sounds when activated. Weapons make laser sounds when fired, and when he scans the area for signs of life he glances at his gauntlet while embedded sensors make scanning sounds. And when Buzz “goes to space” you can almost feel the whoosh of entering hyperspace. In between actions, he ‘breathes” as his chest rises and falls awaiting the next command. Even while executing a move Buzz is not still. His words are accompanied with matching gestures that add life to the actions. A special touch is an internal maintenance program which instructs the operator to re-fill the jet wing when it’s getting low on water in an appropriately tinny , echoing robot-like voice.

He’s the Cool Space Ranger on the Block

This is one of the first interactive robots to use Robosen’s conversational AI. It’s not as quick as say Alexa for example, but context-based interactions in natural language can be done and it just adds to the charm of Buzz. With WiFi connectivity, Android based operating system and four programming modes, including box-based, you are free to program your own adventures. Oh and don’t forget to bring along Buzz’s companion, Sox, for those long space flights.

Buzz’s Pedigree

Here’s a look at some of the specs for those of you that just can’t stand not reading through a table of specifications. Given the size of this robot and the internal space limitations (pun intended), the designers have managed to put a lot of function into a very challenging package. Kudos to the engineering talent that made this happen.

Dimensions206.1×123.6×415.4 mm (8.11×4.9×16.4 in)
Weight1870 g (65.96 oz)
XL-15 Jetpack Dimensions97.42×98.6×111 mm (3.8×3.9×4.4 in)
Accessories (Exclusive to Buzz Lightyear Infinity Pack)Laser Blade DX, Space Ranger Blaster, Laser Gauntlet, Sox, XL-15 Jetpack
Robot Servo Motors Jetpack Servo Motor23 Digital servos 1 Digital servo
Features of Joint Servo Motors32-bit MCU computer-controlled, digital bus communication
Battery Voltage11.1 V
Wireless ConnectionWi-Fi 2.4 G 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
OTA FunctionSupports online OTA firmware upgrade and online content push for the latest updates.
Music PlayerSupports MP3 audio format with a built-in power amplifier and high-quality multi-media speaker.
Special Startup FunctionsSmart Protection System, Battery under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, joint torque limit protection.
Self-Inspection FunctionWire dislocation detection.

Picks and Pans

Very Cool:
“Smoke” churns out of Buzz’s illuminated jet pack when activated.
High quality materials used throughout
Smooth action of servos mimics Buzz’s actual moves: the recoil from using his blaster seems realistic.
OTA firmware upgrades available.
Conversation modes keeps the dialogue moving – adds to the realism.
Illuminated Blaster, Laser gauntlet, and Laser blade weapons.
Clever use of sound to make Buzz more immersive.

This Lightyear project has set a higher bar for all future robot “toys” and is bound to become a classic and a collector’s item. Helmets off to Robosen, Hasbro and Disney for a job well done.

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